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Welcoming entries or one’s information on his/her research/ new concept and call scholars for joint-research.

A discovery, which is in concept level or a new idea/assumption yet to be developed/proved. or a drug-design before vitro test. Or an invention in early stage. Likewise all are here being ment as poor sciences.This is the open website where one can expose his/her non-proven science.

Any lay man’s idea should come exposed for society. An inventor of a new concept may lag in facilities to do research. But his idea should be favored for research with the benefit for the inventor, and may in mutual benefit too. An early information in this webpage will be the historical record.

In current state, the research is narrowed to an academic style/provisions. Research and developments are going on needs only. Any discovery or predictions of one, who is not having the experiences (by record) to the respective field are kept at a distance. On the other side the research is classified/disciplined on the business ground. In general a sea fisher or a sea traveller will have an innovative idea for a new vessel than a recruited vessel designer. This is quite natural. A laughing idea of today may be the formula for a new application in future.

Our aim is : No idea should be left irrespective of its accepted status.

A Scholar of one field can predict a fact in another filed where he/she can’t explain it in the relative terms. All these ideas should come to this webpage. It is true that every new discovery will force scientist for a little alterations in their understandings and everything they have studied in their past. Further in publications, the journal committee would not select an article wriiten without the relative references. This is a very poor situation and not correct too.

If one discovered an entirely new concept. He/she cannot give relative references in his/her write-up. So here it’s being felt to float a platform/webpage to flash such the topics from anyone from any corner of the world. Accordingly we welcome all who are in clear idea of a new concept or of with some idea with imaginations on science-basis. They can expose their idea/work through this webpage not including the key principals, the key matters, phenomenal words, but should show in narrations about its nature.

Send a mail to us which should inform the state of your work explaining its centre of their idea or the Title of the work and its nature in brief. Higher explanation in your write-ups will take more time to realize and may diminish the interest. The realization will be done by a single or a committee on temporary arrangements. The reply will come after realization in two weeks of time or in a reasonable time.

After getting our reply with suggestions, one can send the narration on the nature of the new idea/concept or research work in a PDF file along with the requisition letter to publish in this webpage. The write-up should be possibly brief. Anyhow a work of research (full conclusion) for which one is willing to publish openly can send the full article.