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Home / Aeronautical / A New Generation In Defense Aircraft – S.A.Saadhali / India

A New Generation In Defense Aircraft – S.A.Saadhali / India

A New Business / Claim A New Patent Registration

I have developed a new idea for a new version defense aircraft from my own new concept for a projectile like acceleration on control. It is just nothing but the method of positioning the engines in the fuselage as per my concept. It’s feature is smart acceleration. As the idea is clearly different form existing one, can claim a new patent registration by joining with me (on fuselage alone or the whole craft). OR can buy the whole idea from me on mutual respect and confidence with match-able agreement.

The fact is, I have attained the said concept, by a discovery on observing an action in nature (not from birds). Well. Those are in aircraft production and in search of new development, or those are of with plan for a new emerge in the industry, or those of are with the real interest in the respective area can contact at or by post.

Saadhali S.A
#6, Bharathiyar Street, Meenambigai Nagar,
Railway Feeder Road, Aruppukottai.
Zip : 626101
Phone : +91 9488000325
Residence : +91 4566 – 224797


  • Smart Acceleration
  • Instant Action Efficiency


FAQ put on the inventor Saadhali on his new generation Defense Aircraft.

What is its special feature?

Its Special and high feature is ‘Smart Thrive Acceleration’ like a leap jump motion. Short distance take-off (Landing will be as per its retardation). Without any claim-objections, can get the new patent registration.

What about the wing design?

This new work is on fuselage only. The wing design is of any shape as per the characters of floating, carry loads (bombs & missiles), and flaps as per the drip for landing.

How far to believe, its successes?

The new concept is identified from the natural action. So the result need not be and cannot be a deviant one. On trial-design work any fine alterations or modifications may occur.

What is the back ground of the inventor, related to this?

Generally he is an analyst in anything by interest. He is having few engineering mini projects in his mind, particularly in energy conservation area (mechanics), passenger plane’s aileron etc etc. But he, an average common of his country, is unable to spend money, except for his family survival. In his country academic qualification only will be recognized and not of new ideas, from less influenced individuals.

What is its concept?

The concept will be disclosed only with the Non-disclosing agreement.

What is the expectation of the inventor?

He/She, interest in any advancement or research, has the idea to materialize his/her invention or to say make it for cash.Further to inform: He/She will be loyal to the helping company in future and will act as a technical consultant in any new projects / research / design-work and will participate in any such a discussions in his/her knowledge if invited.

S.A. Saadhali

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