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Minorities Complex – S.A. Saadhali


INTRODUCTION : Apart from my profession (an optometrist) I used to analyze all scientific matters as well as the social sciences too. As such I am of with the habit, watching the behaviorism of each individual where my assumption may be, at times right or wrong. But in my study on my own community in longtime observation (say more than 20years in different location), I found a fact which I am informing through this following article.
ABSTARCT: On psychology – studies, giving an abstract may deviate the understanding of readers and so here I avoid giving an abstract.


A massive inferiority complex, developed in long run time to most of all individuals of a minority community by feeling themselves as the are not included in majorities core activities and what not, the enjoyment too. This complex is common (similar) to most of the individuals of that single community in less or more and so it is needed to be collectively named the ‘Minorities’ Complex’. (Here after will be called as MC).

It is hard to identify such complex from that community, but it is there, I have studied / Observed from their (those are affected with MC) behaviorism as followings

  • From their poseur before the majority community:I found that in any circumstances they will keep or tend to keep their superiority by poseur or by higher talking in front of the majority community people.
  • From their faster reaction:In front of any individual of majority community, on receiving any short of message their reaction will be faster. They would not bear even any little criticism. (the reason follows next)
  • From their understanding methodology on public matters:In everything they feel as their enjoyment in government facilities will be less and (so) their understandings will be poor or even negative.

Reason fro faster / emotional reaction :

By nature, all the government departments are occupied mostly by the common majority community and so the un-official prevalence will go to majority community. That is, for any short of sanctions, or availing of facilities, or getting permission for any short of operation / activity the majority sect is having the chance of availing the un-official guidance from their counter staff in any respective departments. These types of happenings, viewed by the minority, feel helpless and also feel less confident in rule adaptions. This less confidence make them to think as they are the looser in the final stage in anything and with such pre-assumption they will react faster and emotional.

The above said three behaviorisms is nothing but the reflection of inferiority complex and such behaviorism can be observed in common from most of the individuals belong to that ONE minority community.

This complex could be everywhere globally among minorities like religious minority, minority by race and the ethnic minority. Here it is observed from the Moslem community of India, a minority sect by religion, scattered in every town and village of India. They are in most backward condition in their education, and in their economic status too. Here we have to see the factors, what might be the reasons to create the MC.

Few of the creating factors,

  • They are viewed with separate identity by the majority community.
  • Press media’s poor approach on the minority community (Prime factor now-a-days).
  • Comparably less inter-friendship between the respective two communities.
  • Poor environment in education and in economic lift.
  • Wrong labeling (India specific)
  • Questioning their patriotism by the majority community (India Specific).

Separate Identity:

  • There will be differences in the customs of the respective communities as per their religious beliefs.
  • The minorities behavioral diplomacy will be poorer than the majority sect since the minorities are second in educational status and economical status or in authority status.

The Press Media:

We know that, in any country the press-media is the very powerful instrument on mind tuning the public. In all republic countries, the press media is the indirect authority for decision making in government activities, since the media keep the mind setting of the public. This powerful media owned by the majority sect will edit the news in majorities’ interest centered way. And particularly ignoring the goodness of minority people like the miss-behavior of a minority individual, criminal activity committed by any minority individual. All such set of editing do harm the minds of minority sect.

Less inter-friendship:

With poor education and with sectarian view, the minorities stand aloof before the majority community and so the inter-friendship is less and vice versa. The majority community also with their sectarian thought, their willingness in hugging the minority society will be less. So the gaining of the mutual respect or the understanding is poor.

Poor Environment:

In education, for a student from a downtrodden society, he needs the encouragement, guidance and the counseling. The Moslem community in India is in the downtrodden condition. Their generations don’t know the essentially of education and do not know how to involve in their studies. So the educational improvements are slow, comparing the other communities. Without the education one cannot make the community to realize their weakness. And on their economic conditions; they earn or work hard for their survival and they do not have the practice of ‘Planning and doing’. It is easy to understand how an individual of less education and money will stand before the common people.

Wrong Labeling (India Specific):

Wherever the possibilities come, few medias, as well as the anti-minority men used to blame the minority sect giving the wrong image. This makes a big wound to all minority gentlemen and creates lot of mental agony.

Patriotism (India Specific):

This is a specific problem for India Moslem community. After getting the freedom in 1947 from British colonialism, the North West province of majority Moslem community separated themselves, forming Pakistan. But this separation idea has no root with rest of Indian Moslems. But equating the happening with the psychology of Moslem community, few elements mobilize the thoughts among the majority community, as Moslems are anti-nationals. This make the face of a Moslem painted and feel they sigh.

These are all mind – aberrant situations where the mind of a minority Individual gets frustrated, lead to inferiority. So this is the anti-growth sick suffered by the minority community. Obviously these are the prime factors pave the ground for the inferiority complex, whoever the personality may be. Further to note from India, with in the majority Hindu community there is a sect, grouped as scheduled cost, those are of downtrodden, also suffer situations. Their early preachers had well established the educational institutions and so they are little bit grown condition. The minority Sikh community, they are collectively living in a province called, Punjab and so their generations’ mentality is confident than the other minorities, Then, the Buddhist community those are also collectively living in north east province – states and so they are not much inferior. The level of MC varies from mania level to a sick level. The MC can be classified into the categories of,

  • MC of a society or on ethnic group of regional level with in a country.
  • MC in the global level between grouped nations due to global politics.


I have identified a peculiar inferiority complex in common (similar) among most of all individuals of a group or society , those are minority in population. This common inferiority complex is developed on the reasons of common ground. So reasonably it is to be named as Minorities’ complex. Here after it is easy to scholars to note (observe) it from those people. It is needed that the civil administrator as well as jurisdictional authority must note the above said fact.

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