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On Treating The Fire Victims

This subject is only for qualified (practice – registered) doctors those are running hospital with all facilities.

‘For a fire victim if the burned area is more, say above 50% any therapeutic application applied on full area will be read as foreign body by the patient’s brain and acts accordingly’.

If it is really so, what can be the reason? Then how to treat the patient? A new clinical trial is being suggested here.

Warning: This idea is given for a clinical trial, should be trialed in small area burn like in limbs. And then with successive records, can go further. The trial result may give quiet interesting NEW KNOWLEDGE which will be either positive or negative.


On treating the fire victims, each case is a big challenge to the medical profession. After the bed recovery at times the irreversible necrosis in cardiac muscle will be the disappointing result to the doctors. Generally on fatal reports, more cases are recorded on sepsis and neurogenic shock. On improving and to maintain the physical condition, doctors do all the needed services by the timely study of the patient’s conditions. But still more the research has to go for in search of other factors too. As such it may be needed to think about the activity of the brain. In the treatment for any ailment we have to study or to understand the patient’s brain activity from stage to stage, where the patient’s conditions are either in progress or in regress generally. Our brain is having the nature of accepting or rejecting any external application or as well as the intake of food itself, on substance basis or an quantity basis at times. Micro level toxic is accepted in part by part in duration where as more quantity of non-toxic will be rejected. (So Occurred)

Everything is a per brain’s functional state which will be on changing at every physical condition such as normal, inflammatory, injuries, non-functional state of an organ, and any emergency (survival) state. But all are to keep the life.

From different records for a patient an administered drug for longtime, which was worked to a level of satisfaction turned adverse one day, where the physical condition is also a factor. Here comes the question how the ‘function of the brain is functioning’? and coming to cases of fire victims, most of the case of above 50% burned in following conditions (superficial / 1st degree)

A Inhalation Injuries : Notably less
B Conscious : In responding condition
C Vital :
Breathing : Spontaneous, maintaining the oxygenation
BP : Naturally above and the pulse is in counter of BP
D Fluid Maintenance : Round the Clock

are ending in fatal. Here stands the principle doubt, whether all the cases are sepsis or neurogenic shock? What about the brain’s functions, weather its functions are parallel / co-operative to the treatment or deviating?.

Here to understand more about the logic functions, we all know, in general cases, if the fatal is on ‘multi system failure’ this is the system failure of the brain. On the fire victims, if the case is neurogenic shock then it is nothing but the system failure of the brain.

The brain’s functional nature depends just-not on its physical condition alone, but on the core signals it receives in collective from any vital organ or on the whole and reacts on its timely essentiality to maintain the survival conditions.

For a fire burned (above 50%) case, here we classify the brain’s functions as it is on emergency mode. That the brain will act (like exited) for, all the least possible ways for survival. In this emergency mode it will act as that it needs to respond

‘only’ on higher collective, peak and dominated signals, AND cannot for, sub class signals.
Generally the sub class signals need to be read / taken on comparing with previously stored informations and other organ’s reflective informative signals. To understand the above said sub class signals some imaginary examples are narrated below on the fire victims in wordy fashion (just logic) and these examples, cannot match for any other critically.

For the easiness, let us name Collective informative, peak, dominated signals as CIS.

And the sub class informative signals as SIS

  • CIS : Pumping is in higher? OR In normal pumping?
  • SIS : Little above the regular pumping
  • CIS : Active bleeding? OR Passive bleeding?
  • SIS : Partly active bleeding.
  • CIS : Injured surface exposes to a new environment? OR To Customized environment?
  • SIS : Exposes to new, but is in a accept condition
  • CIS : Signals reflective? OR Nullifies?
  • SIS : Partly reflective

From the above said examples on the emergency state the brain will respond / select only CIS signals and not the SIS signals.

That is the brain will respond for major collective, peak and dominant signals only. Actually this is the special and good feature of brain, to keep the survival in possible nature. On this specific state it cannot accept any kind of substance, which is like silver oxide, sodium or potassium. All are treated in rejection nature. (They may be so many hidden factors too). It should be clearly understood that this character of rejection comes only when the AREA of burned is more (i.e) above 40% or 50%.

Here the size of the area is the factor for the mode changing in the brain. For simplicity we can think, that is, the brain stands tough to accept or to allow anything entering the body.So when the brain feels the application as foreign body,it goes for another additional emergency state for an anti-toxic management mode simultaneously. In this poor physical condition, (that is on criticality) the brain is in duel state of emergency functions meet the failure, leading to death. To avoid this, can imagine a possibility of cheating the brain!!? That is, for its non-exited functions, a method as the brain should get signals as similar as from un-burned skin’ (to the level of possibility). It is a very significant technique. Is it possible? Well possibility is there on by a below said substance-coat. But a difficulty is there, as that (said) substance is a good collector of microbes. But because of its needed feature, such a coat should be given in a germ free A Class theatre, which is to be designed specially. It is very important, that the patient should be kept in a clear germ-free closed theatre.

Further important note is, the room pressure should be kept above the atmosphere pressure as such to reduce the blood oozing, from the burned surfaces.

Well. What is that special substance? It is nothing but the same group blood. Of course the same group blood would not be rejected as foreign body, but will become the external cover. The blood coat should be given repeatedly in a reasonable interval time, up to the formation of scaling patches. Then after days it is expected that skin morphology will take off. This is an idea alone and so it has to be studied only by trial study.

I, S.A. Saadhali inform that is my own indigenous idea, and I request the clinicians to go for trail in little area burns only and on by progress in trail, go for more areas. Then please do record in this website

This is published on the society interst. Feed-back and the trial results are warmly welcomed.

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